Programs & Special Events


special events & aquatic programs at Splash Central

Special Events

A variety of special events are held at our indoor aquatic center throughout the year. These events are open to the public and are generally free for Splash Central pass holders. Events are published in the seasonal park district brochures. For more information about the special events contact the Bartlett Community Center Registration Desk or Splash Central.


The Bartlett Park District has a variety of indoor aquatic programming. We have H2O Cardio, Swim Lessons, Diving, Water Walkers Club, Aqua-fit classes, lifeguard classes, Parent Tot Playgroup and Water Safety Instruction. Please click the below link for more information on these great programs!

Bartlett Barracudas Swim Team

During the summer the Bartlett Park District runs a recreational swim team at the outdoor aquatic center called the Bartlett Barracudas. The team is for individuals from five years of age through 18 years of age. The team fosters healthy sportsmanship and promotes swimming technique. It is strongly recommended that individuals wishing to join the team successfully complete the Bartlett Park District swim lesson program in its entirety. Registration for the Barracudas is published in the spring park district brochure.

For additional information, call 630-540-4828.





H2O Cardio

Cross train with this full-body workout that will include water weight training, deep water movement/running with weights, strengthening, yoga, swim clinics and stretching. Participants will have a mid to high intensity workout that will keep your body guessing.





This class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Challenge yourself with water resistance in this low-impact cardiovascular workout. Added benefits include muscle toning and improved range of motion. You do not have to be a swimmer to participate.


Learn lifeguarding rescues, CPR, first aid, supplemental oxygen support and AED implementation. This program promotes important safety skills, work experience, team-work and leadership skills. Upon successfully completing all required elements of the course, students will be licensed to lifeguard at Bartlett Park District facilities and other Ellis & Associates facilities. Lifeguard candidates must go to the bottom of the 12 foot deep pool, tread water, and swim four laps consecutively. All books and supplies are provided. Completion of the course does not guarantee employment with the Bartlett Park District.

Jr. Lifeguard

Youth will learn the basics of lifeguarding including first aid, CPR, in-water rescue techniques and much more. After completing the training, participants will be given the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience by volunteering their efforts at the pool as a shadow lifeguard. The program provides youth with important safety skills, work experience, team-work and leadership skills. Completion of the course does not guarantee employment with the Bartlett Park District.

Water Safety

This specialty program is available to scouts, school groups, clubs, churches and other groups looking to achieve water safety badges or learn general water safety. Our Jeff Ellis and Associates licensed lifeguard staff will provide learning opportunities mixed with water fun for a great experience. The class can be scheduled by calling (630) 540- 4828 a minimum of two weeks prior to the requested date. Instruction is for one hour; all participants are invited to stay and swim at no extra cost. Friends and family are welcome to stay for Open Swim at a discounted rate per person


Parent/Tot Playgroup

Bring your infant/toddler to this interactive playgroup. Play activities will create a comfortable environment for your child within the water. This will enable them to progress through a structured lesson program at a later date without the fear of water. Play features and toys will be available for you to do water exploration within the activity pool. Only children 5 and under may swim at this time. All children that are not potty-trained are required to wear a swim diaper WITH plastic pants or a bathing suit. This program is uninstructed and free with Splash Central Annual Membership or available with a drop in fee.



Water Walkers

Water walking is easy and a low-impact way to strengthen your body. You can walk forward and backward using the natural resistance of the water with short steps, long steps, average steps, or step kicks to provide a great alternative to land walking. Brisk water walking is more strenuous than it looks and can provide an excellent aerobic workout, burning 300 to 500 calories per hour. This class is uninstructed. We will provide water weights and water noodles for your use. Water Walkers does not require advance registration. Participants will purchase a twelve-visit punch card at the BCC Registration Counter or may also gain access to the program by purchasing a Splash annual membership or paying a regular price daily fee.